Double Shot Double Shot Brown Coffee Cup Brown Coffee Cup Daruma Daruma Pinecones Pinecones Cupid Cupid Toucan Toucan Dolphins Dolphins Bugs Bugs Penguins Penguins 2005 Special Olympics 2005 Special Olympics Ichiro Ichiro Comfy Red Chair Comfy Red Chair Tree Lighting Tree Lighting Shimmering Snowflakes Shimmering Snowflakes Coffee as Art Coffee as Art Winter Walk Winter Walk Celebration Celebration Siren Siren Christmas Wish Christmas Wish Sakura Cherry Blossom 2010 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2010 Fragment (pink) Fragment (pink) Jewels Jewels Shareholders 2010 Shareholders 2010 Kyoto Kyoto Nagoya Nagoya Okinawa Okinawa Osaka Osaka Tokyo Tokyo Yokohama Yokohama Discoveries : Milano Discoveries : Milano Discoveries : Venezia Discoveries : Venezia Discoveries : Seattle Discoveries : Seattle Blue Blue Pink Pink Brown Brown Christmas Tree 2010 Christmas Tree 2010 Snowman 2010 Snowman 2010 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2011 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2011 40th Anniversary 40th Anniversary Caramel Frappuccino Caramel Frappuccino Green Matcha Frappuccino Green Matcha Frappuccino Kyoto (new logo+Starbuckscard) Kyoto (new logo+Starbuckscard) Nagoya (new logo+Starbuckscard) Nagoya (new logo+Starbuckscard) Okinawa (new logo+Starbuckscard) Okinawa (new logo+Starbuckscard) Tokyo (new logo+Starbuckscard) Tokyo (new logo+Starbuckscard) Yokohama (new logo+Starbuckscard) Yokohama (new logo+Starbuckscard) Osaka (new logo+Starbuckscard) Osaka (new logo+Starbuckscard) AOEQ AOEQ Green Aroma Green Aroma Discovery Key Card : Seattle Discovery Key Card : Seattle Discovery Key Card : Milano Discovery Key Card : Milano Snowman 2011 Snowman 2011 Christmas Tree 2011 Christmas Tree 2011 Terrace Terrace City Lights (Twilight 2011) City Lights (Twilight 2011) Fragment - B Side (black) Fragment - B Side (black) Fragment - B Side (blue) Fragment - B Side (blue) Fragment - B Side (brown) Fragment - B Side (brown) Fragment - B Side (white) Fragment - B Side (white) Sakura Cherry Blossom 2012 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2012 Nagoya (new logo) Nagoya (new logo) Okinawa (new logo) Okinawa (new logo) Osaka (new logo) Osaka (new logo) Kyoto (new logo) Kyoto (new logo) Yokohama (new logo) Yokohama (new logo) Promenade (10th Anniversary) Promenade (10th Anniversary) Promenade mini (10th Anniversary) Promenade mini (10th Anniversary) Tokyo Tokyo Christmas Tree 2012 Christmas Tree 2012 Snowman 2012 Snowman 2012 Hummingbird 2012 Hummingbird 2012 Hokkaido Hokkaido Sakura Cherry Blossom 2013 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2013 Roppongi Hills 10th Anniversary Roppongi Hills 10th Anniversary Special Moments Special Moments Inspired by Starbucks Inspired by Starbucks Fragment - B Side (leopard/blue) Fragment - B Side (leopard/blue) Fragment - B Side (leopard/blue) mini Fragment - B Side (leopard/blue) mini Discoveries : Seattle Discoveries : Seattle Coffee Or Tea Coffee Or Tea City Store (Neighborhood) City Store (Neighborhood) Hummingbird (You And Starbucks 2013) Hummingbird (You And Starbucks 2013) Christmas Tree 2013  Christmas Tree 2013 Starbucks / ANA   Starbucks / ANA Snowman 2013   Snowman 2013 Fukuoka    Fukuoka Kobe    Kobe Thom Browne    Thom Browne Sakura Cherry Blossom 2014    Sakura Cherry Blossom 2014 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2014 /ANA    Sakura Cherry Blossom 2014 /ANA Tendence    Tendence Coffee Reserve    Coffee Reserve Fujiwara Flowers    Fujiwara Flowers Coffee Art    Coffee Art Ice Cubes    Ice Cubes Fujiwara Flowers    Fujiwara Flowers Hanabi 2014 (Fireworks)    Hanabi 2014 (Fireworks) Starbust    Starbust Coffeehouse Favourites    Coffeehouse Favourites Hummingbird (You And Starbucks 2014)    Hummingbird (You And Starbucks 2014) Burst Of Fall    Burst Of Fall Butterfly Asami Kiyokawa    Butterfly Asami Kiyokawa SOPH (Fragment)        SOPH (Fragment) Merry Christmas      Merry Christmas Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015 / ANA           Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015 / ANA Christmas Tree 2014           Christmas Tree 2014 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015               Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015 Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015               Sakura Cherry Blossom 2015 Discoveries : Thank You               Discoveries : Thank You Mila Owen                Mila Owen Starbucks and The Sazaby League                 Starbucks and The Sazaby League Hanabi 2015                    Hanabi 2015 Mini Sparkle                    Mini Sparkle Aroma 2015                     Aroma 2015 Melt                      Melt Reserve 2nd edition                      Reserve 2nd edition Beach                       Beach Alice & Olivia                        Alice & Olivia Tendence                        Tendence Maison Kitsune                        Maison Kitsune Camouflage                        Camouflage Coffee mug                      Coffee mug Coffee card           Coffee card Black Siren           Black Siren Tohuko 2015                     Tohuko 2015 Fragment Design                    Fragment Design Merry Christmas 2015         Merry Christmas 2015 Christmas Tree 2015         Christmas Tree 2015 Mini Swarovski         Mini Swarovski Neighborhood Store        Neighborhood Store Store front       Store front Sakura Serene    Sakura Serene Sakura Serene mini    Sakura Serene mini Elle 3.1 Phillip Lim   Elle 3.1 Phillip Lim Sakura Cheery  Sakura Cheery Sakura Cheery mini  Sakura Cheery mini ANA 2016 ANA 2016 Her Favorite Her Favorite His Favorite His Favorite

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Starbucks Touch

Starbucks released a case for Iphone 6 that can be use as a gift card. The case has a card attached inside that allows you to load money on it.

ITunes cards

They were Discoveries Starbucks Japan Card prizes with Apple I-Tunes. The prize was the card, a letter and 5 free downloads.

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There are no images in this gallery.

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