When you purchase the card, you would get a 10 percent discount when you buy anything at stores. This type of card is no longer available.

The Partner card has been around for while but people don’t sell it because the employees are supposed to give the card back to Starbucks after they leave the company.



When you buy a Reward card, you can use it to earn stars on your Starbucks Gold account. These cards usually cost around RMB 88. The card doesn’t have money. If you buy from Starbucks, the card comes with Pin Intact. Chinese sellers like to scratch the pin to get the stars, they sell stars in China



Gift cards came out in 2014. These cards have specific amount you can buy. Usually is Y100 – Y200 – Y500 – Y1000. The cards can be used to buy Reward cards. These were released by a company named Zihexin who cooperated with Starbucks China (not including Starbucks Shanghai). Since 2015 Starbucks Shanghai took over the production of the gift cards. You can use the balance from these cards to buy the cards ABOVE



Starbucks China released stickers to put on top of the white card. Here we have some of the stickers already on the cards.

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