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Taiwan Reward card

Taiwan Reward card

The Starbucks Taiwan card above is “2015 Partner” card or “2016 Reward” card?

Yeap, some would call this one “Partner” card right now, but after February we may/shall call it “Reward” card…, why?

In February, Starbucks Taiwan will renew their POS system at every store, and that concides with a long-term promotional event to encourge consumers to accomdate to the new POS sysytem and change their customer behaviour, which through the new POS, every purchase of NT$35 ($1.1 USD) would get one “STAR” recorded in one’s registered card after buying stuff at stores.
Then, when the one’s card accumulates 168 Stars, the POS would acknowledge it, and the HQ of Starbucks Taiwan would, accordingly, issue a new “Reward” card (like the picture of the card above) to the registered address of the card’s owner…, that’s why we may call the silver one “Reward” card after February.

If you want to know more about Reward cards: http://cardlovers.ca/goldcards/

We also understand why some call it “Partner” card now— in last November, every Starbucks employee got this card beforehand, and they were all asked to participate in a period of three months of test program for the new POS; therefore, if you have this card right now, you can call it “Partner” card.

And one more: why we can barely see the card surfacing on eBay since the card was given out already; because every one can only get one “Reward” card including every employee— when one registers his/ her gift card online (and one must do it to activate the reward program on POS), he/ she must fill in his/ her ID number (like SSN in the States), so one can have one “Reward” card merely…

Thank you collector Szumao for the info!

Happy Collecting!

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