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Special Edition cards

Dana Deininger, senior designer in the Creative Studio, was excited to design two limited-edition Starbucks cards lauching in Winter 2 – featuring the Siren and the first-ever paper card.

The Siren in her Watery World

Dana’s idea was to capture the Siren in a moment swimming through her watery world, having a cup of coffee. To capture the aquatic nature of it – luminous with the feelng of being deep in the ocean – he began drawing then paiting before transforming his art into a Card.
“Artfulbess is part if this company’s soul” why wouldn’t it show up in our Cards?


The first-paper Starbucks card

The first 10 feet are transformed into the last 10 feet the first-ever paper Starbucks card! Made out of reused coffee bags, it’s the first sustainable card and features our first store at Pike Place Market in Seattle. The gold foll and embossing brigs an elegance that cannot be replicated in plastic cards There’s no better way to represent our coffee heritage than with this remarkable first.

Dana’s Starbucks journey began as a barista in Cincinnati, Ohio, 15 years ago. Since then, he built his design career in design and advertising firms, desiging wine labels in Napa, California and eventually finding his way back to Srarbucks as a senior designer two years ago. Dana lives on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle and commutes by ferry every day to creat his artful masterpieces.

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